Коды на игру lego star wars деньги

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Коды На Игру Lego Star Wars Деньги

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LEGO star wars 3 the clone wars UNLOCK all bonus code (CZ)


A New Hope" and play until you reach the first split in the path. Back away in an opposite direction than Fett to draw him over the mine.

You can use Force Throw to send them into the stack of blue glasses to get studs. Return Of The Jedi" there is a table in the middle of the room with blue chairs.

Collect all the pre-positioned studs in every level. Double jump near the shield, then press B before you land.

End of Episode 2: The more stud multipliers, the better. They will follow you. It will make a special sound when performed correctly, and little sparks from the Force will appear from your lightsaber. There should be a lot of studs up there, along with some Battle Droids. This could save you about a minute and a half to get money and open the door. This is useful when trying to get perfect studs. Use the following trick to get extra time in the room that is going to explode in the Darth Vader level.

Before you enter the cantina after the entry from the first area, kill all the Jawas you see and follow where they come from. He will then use the Force to send a yellow Lego barrel at you.

He will give you the money. No matter how many times you hit the Gunk droid it will never die.

You can easily get over 50, studs each time and it is one of the quickest levels. Use The Force on these chairs several times.

After about thirty minutes you should have earned about eighteen million studs. However the Gunk droid also cannot be killed. A number of studs will pop out, including two blue ones.

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Unlock the hidden level "Episode IV: You should reach the top and get the minikit. Enter the "Trailers" door first on the left and watch the trailer for Lego Indiana Jones: Go to the Podrace and use one of the speeders from the beginning of Episode II.

If you defeat the human Anakin you will just start over. You can easily get over 50, studs each time and it is one of the quickest levels. Most Jedi or Sith will perform another Force slash if you press B again after the first one finishes.

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You must have an enemy ship to use on the gate. Eventually you will find a door that the Jawas will appear from.

He will give you the money. Before you enter the cantina after the entry from the first area, kill all the Jawas you see and follow where they come from.

Destroy the enemy droids by deflecting their blaster bolts back at them. Remember to have your stud multipliers on x4, x6, x8, x The bridge will split into three pieces.


After this is done in all levels the Tantive IV superkit model outside will become available. You might have to destroy the droids.

Enable the "Invincibility" code so you do not die and lose your studs. You will see Darth Maul run away into an open door. Use Ben Kenobi to jump over the nearby building.

You will see Darth Maul at the other platform. To the left you will see something that looks similar to a jukebox. Because there are more good characters than bad, sometimes you can see Darth Maul getting hammered by a lot of opponents.

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Keep killing the Stormtroopers until you think you have enough studs then complete the level. A bowling ball will appear. The challenge is easy and will result in overstuds when you win. Just before you start to spiral downwards, press R or L to switch to another character, while still holding the Analog-stick in the direction of the platform. These are great for hitting the pink crystals because they have better mobility.

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Use a grappling hook character to climb the left side of the tree your left. Go up to the top platform.

По сложившейся традиции в информационной карточке игры мы приводим в пример несколько похожих игр You should see a picture of Darth Maul and about twelve hearts. Get to the part where you must build the giant door and break it. In Defense of Kashyyyk, go to the huge tree with several platforms on it. Inside the cantina there is a location that gives a lot of studs.

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Автор сайта и администратор: Get in the Landspeeder. Use The Force on these chairs several times. Instead, go to the diner and get the studs from these shakers.

Destroy the droidekas, then step on one of the red buttons. Hard to reach minikit canisters:

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